We need enthusiastic volunteers who will support a project that aims to transform lives through music.

Can you help others reach their full potential through music? Can you support others in an integrated group to collaborate with proffesional musicians and each other?

By volunteering in this project, you will have the chance to:

  • Develop positive relationships
  • Create positive partnerships in the community.
  • Support others to reach their potential and improve wellbeing.
  • Improve your employability by gaining experiences and useful training.

You can volunteer in a number of ways:

  • Support and encourage the group members to take part in performing, improvising and being creative?
  • Prepare refreshments for the group in the break to socialise.
  • Assist in marketing and promoting the project, or organising a special event or concert.
  • Assisting during concerts or special festivals that the group will be attending.

 Can you help us?  Can you make a difference?

For more information about volunteering opportunities with the Discover the Song project please download the Volunteers’ Handbook.