One of the main aims of the Discover the Song project is to engage the community and ensure opportunities for adults to participate together, equally through music. Therefore, we were proud of the response to our invitations to participate in our first community concert in Pwllheli at the end of November, 2019. We were delighted to share a stage with:

Pwllheli Brass Band

Pupils of Ysgol Bro Plennydd, who were part of a special project in conjunction with the Hafod Hedd Unit and residents from Ffor learning songs composed by a successful village singing group in the 1960s. This project provided an opportunity for generations to socialise through music. We had a chance to taste these songs at our concert.

Côr Heneiddio’n Dda Nefyn

Côr yr Heli

The concert kicked off with a hive of wild improvisation :

One of the group’s members, Mr Merfyn Jones, was busy learning tunes on the harp during the sessions, and this was the culmination of a duet with Gwenan. Here’s an unforgettable moment for us all:

It was a night that will stay with us for a long time. Here are some of the audience comments:

“Really enjoyed the evening. Thank you to everyone who made it possible and worked so hard to make it happen. ”

“Brilliant fun evening. Everyone leaving with big smiles! ”

“Wonderful amount of work that produced Music of a high Standard. A project of huge benefit to those involved. Great to involve members of the wider community to celbrate the joy of Music. ”

“The joy of taking part was a wonderful sight.”

“A GREAT EXPERIENCE enjoyed and learned a lot too.”

“This was the most joyful concert affected been to. The care and hard work of those who were organizing it was very evident. Well done! ”

“I thought the whole project was a brilliant idea. The joy on the faces of the participants was a joy to behold. May it go from strength to strength. ”

“A great concert and an opportunity for everyone to take part. Members of Discover the Song obviously love it and some sing and play instruments. This is a very, very valuable experience. ”

“EXCELLENT! Great! Bringing people from ALL parts of the community together. 100% carry on! ”

“A wonderful and unforgettable evening. More nights like this are definitely needed. ”

“A great concert. Nice to share a stage with such talent. Look forward to the next. ”

“A very special concert. All performances were great. Some go right to the heart ”